Filtered Water Calgary

Filtered Water Calgary Drinking from the tap is not advisable, as the water can contain contaminants such as rust and chlorine. To make sure you are drinking safe and clean water, contact the Get Quenched Water Company. We offer an excellent filtration system so you always get healthy filtered water in Calgary. If you have any questions, call us at 403.201.6061.  

Instead of buying bottled water by the dozen, why not just opt for water coolers? Doing so lets you help save the environment while also lessening your monthly expenses. Make sure to order filtered water from a Calgary based company. Here are some reasons why:
Filtered water does not have any bad taste or odors, which are usually caused by bacterial contaminants and chlorine.
The filtering process removes chlorine byproducts, reducing your risk of colon cancer and rectal cancer.
Do you have kids in the house? It is important for the development of their immune system that they drink pure water.
Mineral deposits and other harmful substances that can cause diseases are removed by water filters.
You can now get a steady supply of filtered water Calgary through the GetQuenched System. Provided by the Get Quenched Water Company Ltd., our filtration system does not require you to order water bottles. You can enjoy hassle-free billing and rent the coolers at an affordable price. This environment-friendly system is superior to top-loading coolers. It eliminates the need to lift heavy bottles, thereby reducing the risk of injury.
We have received the highest water filter rating from the NSF. You may view our performance data here on our website. For inquiries, just fill up our contact form. Get Quenched Water Company Ltd. can also be reached by phone at 403.201.6061 or 403.615.7424.
Filtered Water Calgary
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Calgary, AB

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