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Water Coolers Calgary There are many types of water coolers in Calgary and the best one is the bottle-less or jugless kind. Just imagine—no need for water bottle deposits and jug replacements. The get Quenched Water Company offers a filtration system that provides crisp and refreshing water free of contaminants. Call us at 403.201.6061.  

One of the most popular types of water coolers in Calgary is the dispenser that needs to be top-loaded with a huge 5-gallon bottle. It has worked well in the past, but it’s not always the ideal setup. For instance, every time the water runs out, someone has to lift a heavy water bottle to replace the empty one and keep the system working. A top-loading system also involves more work. The cooler itself has to be cleaned regularly as it will be exposed to dirt whenever the water bottle is removed. 
Are you looking for a more hygienic and easy to maintain system? Maybe it’s time you switched to the newest water cooler technology in the market. ‘Jugless’ or bottle-free water coolers are making its way to homes and offices—and it’s easy to see why. These bottleless solutions are more practical and cost-effective over the long term. 
Get Quenched Water Company Ltd has excellent selection of water coolers designed for Calgary homes and offices. Thanks to their sleek design and choice of neutral colors, our water coolers look good in any environment. You can learn more about the GetQuenched system and how it works here on our website. For inquiries, kindly fill up our contact form or send an email to us. You can also call our customer care hotline at 403.201.6061. 
Water Coolers Calgary
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